Habitat Energy has been working with Gresham House Energy Storage Fund plc (GRID), the UK’s leading energy storage investor, since 2019, and we recently extended our battery optimisation partnership to over 500MW, making us the single largest optimiser of batteries on GRID’s behalf.

This includes Red Scar, a 49MW, 1.5 hour battery located near Preston in Lancashire, England, which Habitat Energy has been optimising successfully since 2020, fusing AI-powered forecasts, “human in the loop” traders and deep asset intelligence to maximise value across wholesale energy markets and ancillary services.

A market leader in battery storage, GRID, seeks to capitalise on the growing intraday supply and demand imbalances caused by Great Britain and Ireland’s ever-increasing reliance on renewable energy by using batteries to import and export power, accessing the multiple revenue sources available in the power market.